TPD Claim Process

Every TPD insurance claim requires meticulous attention to detail in its preparation. The submissions accompanying each claim vary from one to the next having regards to the circumstances of the deceased, their family circumstances, the complexity of the fund's insurance policy and the cooperation or lack of it from the superannuation fund involved. TPD claims are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1300 300 457.

Are you eligible to make a TPD claim?

The TPD Claim process can be intimidating, but but our expertise and knowledge ensures a smooth claim process from start to finish with full explanations in simple terms along the way.

Are you eligible to make a TPD claim?

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Compile Initial Claims Information

Claim preparation demands meticulous attention to detail That is why we take the time to collect all the facts from you right from the start. The quicker we receive your information from you together with signed authorities for the release of documents and information to us, the quicker your claim can be lodged.


Obtaining your Individual Policy Documents

Once you have provided all the information etc we require, we will gather information about the available benefits as well as the documentation required to support your claim. This includes superannuation fund the relevant policy documents.


Review of your Policy

Each and every policy document is unique and requires a thorough review. At this stage, we will undertake a careful analysis of your individual policy and provide you with advice about what you’re entitled to claim and what criteria you are required to meet before your claim will be paid.


Complete your Initial Claim

We will compile a comprehensive submission supporting your claim and lodge it with your fund(s) along with any supporting documentation. It is important that you fully & frankly inform us of all employment, education and training you have undertaken.

It is important to note that most superannuation funds will require a certificate from two separate treating medical practitioners certifying that you are totally and permanently disabled and in some circumstances, a certificate from your employer.


Lodging your Claim

We will collect the medical evidence and prepare submissions to your super fund in support of your TPD claim. You may be required to undergo an independent medical assessment by a specialist nominated by the fund. Once your claim has been received, they should provide an estimate on how long it will take them to reach a decision.

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