No Win No Fee Claims – it’s the real thing

  • Nothing to pay to get started and nothing to pay along the way;
  • We cover all costs associated with your claim, even if it is unsuccessful;
  • We are not entitled to payment unless and until you receive compensation or a payout for your claim.

No Win No Fee – why is it important?

Insurers have virtually unlimited resources and denying claims is just part of how they do business.

And unfortunately, the power they wield has given them the ear of government to tilt the justice system in their favour by overlaying hoops and hurdles on – and even abolishing – a great many citizens’ rights that just 20 years ago we could take for granted.

“No-win-no-fee” terms offered by law firms such as TPD Claims Lawyers address the power imbalance between powerful and wealthy insurance companies on the one hand and people – like most of us – with limited resources on the other.

No-win-no-fee gives a leg up to working and middle class Australians. To put it another way, no-win-no-fee helps level the playing field.

Our legal system is meant to provide justice for all, not just big companies. A fair go in court would be cost-prohibitive for most, were it not for the no win no fee option.

No Win No Fee – who takes the risk?

Often referred to as “no-win, no-charge” and “no-win no-pay,” fees are only payable when the claim is finalised and only on success.

Our expertise, technical insights into many industries and decades of specialist litigation experience gives us the confidence to take on the financial burden of pursuing those claims we decide to accept. In the meantime, our clients can devote their attention to how best to care for their family.

What about case expenses?

In most cases we also cover all the case expenses. Sometimes we fix an upper limit to the amount of case expenses we pay out for medical reports etc.

In some cases like medical negligence, we ask our client to meet the case expenses – but we still take the financial risk of investing thousands of hours of expert professional work to ensure the claim’s success.

How are fees calculated?

Clients of TPD Claims Lawyers pay an agreed fixed fee for their claim if it can be completed within 12 months by agreement or negotiation with the insurer. And it’s still no win no fee.

If the claim requires litigation or extends beyond 12 months, fees going forward are at agreed rates and the overall additional fee – still no win no fee – depends on the extent of work required to finalise the claim.

TPD Claims Lawyers does NOT charge any additional fee for winning the claim, ie we charge no “uplift fee”.

What happens if my claim is successful?

If we succeed in getting you a payout or if you are made a reasonable settlement offer that you decline to accept, you will be charged the agreed legal fees plus any expenses incurred in your case.

We do not charge any additional success fee or “uplift fee“.

What happens if my claim is unsuccessful?

If the claim is unsuccessful or we advise you not to proceed, there is nothing to pay.

What happens to most claims?

At TPD Claims Lawyers, most claims are settled within 12 months by agreement or negotiation with the insurer without having to go to court. This demonstrates that if we take your claim, we have confidence in its success.

What is covered by our “No Win No Fee” agreement?

TPD Claims Lawyers offers No Win No Fee terms for all of our legal services relating to insurance and compensation, including:

Are you eligible for our “No Win No Fee” Injury Claims terms?

We reserve the right to assess the prospects of success of your potential claim. Call or email today for a no-obligation “No Win No Fee” discussion with our expert claims lawyer. Just having a chat with our expert claims lawyers will help relieve the pressure on you and your family at an already emotionally stressful time.

Time limits that restrict the period within which you may make a valid claim don’t give you the luxury of waiting.

No Win No Fee: Fee transparency

The greatest advantage of a “No Win No Fee” agreement is to ensure that, irrespective of your financial status, you can get a shot at having justice exercised in your favour.

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